About MIC

Masters In Creativity International Jewelry Design Contest is sponsored by MIC Creativity Master vzw, and co-sponsored by KoMASK(Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts).MIC Creativity Master vzw is a nonprofit organization founded in Antwerp,Belgium,whose membership consists of the prestigious artists,influential critics and media spokesman,and foremost designers. 

As the co-host of the MIC Contest, KoMASK( Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts)was founded in 1788, which has developed into a European royal organization for the support and promotion of art, in collaboration with 16 European royal art academies.

Masters In Creativity International Jewelry Design Contest was created to identify excellence in jewelry and fashion creative and support the training of creative design talents . MIC Contest, positioned as a trend leader to promote innovative development of jewelry industry, takes the lead in integrating international high-quality resources with a global perspective and macro-Industrial structure. The contest adopts a brand new way to set the criteria of selection with focus on creativity and innovation in order to inspire the enthusiasm of all designers and build a broad platform to show participants and potential for value creating.

Host / 主办

Masters In Creativity International Association

Strategic Cooperation / 战略合作

Fortune Valley In Bay Area


Swarovski Gemstones

Co-Host / 联合主办

Koninklijke Maatschappij ter Aanmoediging der Schone Kunsten KoMASK VZW

Supporting Organization / 支持单位

World Gold Council (WGC)

henzhen City Of Jewelry Designers Association


Antwerp Municipal Government,Belgium

Fashion Buyer Association Of Shenzhen


TongJi University College Of Design And Innovation