MIC Contest Award Ceremony

On September 11, 2018, MIC Contest Award Ceremony TO DREAM DESIGNER was grand opening in Shenzhen, China. The award works of MIC Contest were released in the form of fashion show on September 11, which shocked the whole audience. After that, a grand award ceremony was held.


The designer representative of MIC Contest was awarded an award at the event on September 11. Chairman of Star Cluster and Co-sponsor of MIC Contest Mr. Wu Qiang, founder of MIC Contest Judge/TTF Brand Mr. Wu Fenghua,the Judge of MIC Contest /the General manager of Swarovski Gemstones Business of Greater China Region Mr. Huang Junjie, president of Shenzhen Buyers Association Mr. Miao Zhiguo and Star Ambassador Shen Mengchen , they presented awards and certificates to the shortlisted designers as award presenters.




The awarded designer representatives are Fu Lanqi, designer of “The Seventh Day” and “Drawed Jewelry”, Chen Zhen, designer of “Buddhist Light”, Zhao Yanmin, designer of “The stories in the Forest”, Shao Zitong, designer of “Wing”, Cai Caili designer of “Corrosion”, Xie Xiaona, designer of “Marine Garbage”, Duo Cong, designer of “Form&Soul”, Liu Mengdi, designer of “Flower soul”, Chen Zhiyuan, designer of “Stone”, Xu Mudan, designer of “Growing”, Zhou Guimei, designer of “Ice Flower”, Tian Xiuling, designer of “Wind”, Mao Jing, designer of “mountain”, Ke Yahui, designer of “Flowers in the Morning” and Zeng Qi,designer of “Under Moonlight, on the Lake”.




The finalist prize of MIC Contest is MIC Contest symbol element “choker Pendant / brooch” (Dual Use of One Thing), which is made of 18K gold, enamel, Italian calf skin and Swarovski gemstones. Special thanks to TTF and Swarovski Gemstones.




The chief planner/artist of the MIC Contest Ms. Jenny Baeten, personally presented the trophies of the first MIC Contest, certificates and 100,000 yuan prizes for the three MIC Creative Masters.


The three creative masters awards are: the Most Innovative Award “Butterfly Migration”, the designer is Fang Jianqiu from China; the Most Creative Award “Autumn Bride”, the designer is Luis Fabin Figueroa Proano from Ecuador; the Most Original Use of Materials Award “Petrified”, the designer is Sarah Poupart from France.






The trophy of the trophy of the first MIC Contest is made of Italian crystal. The main visual elements of MIC Contest are applied to the trophy through laser engraving technology. chairman of Star Cluster, co-sponsor of MIC Contest Mr. Wu Qiang said: “We will usher in an era of creative design explosion. More and more excellent ideas and designs will appear around us. Every creative design is like a bubble in deep water. Once it comes into being, it will always go up, just like the breath of this industry. More and more breath of industry gathered together in exchange for the vitality of the industry.”



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