MIC Contest's First Cultural and Art Center

MIC Contest's First Cultural and Art Center will be located in Fortune Valley in Bay Area (FVBA for short)


In order to disseminate the competition culture, MIC Contest’s first Cultural and Art Center will build in Fortune Valley in Bay Area (FVBA for short), so that the world can see extraordinary talents and promote industrial development with creativity.

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA for short) is composed of 9 cities including Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen and Dongguan. As a dynamic world-class urban agglomeration, GBA is not only an international science and technology innovation center, but also a multi-cultural exchange center. Through the integration of transportation and urban functions, it is bound to become one of the four major Bay areas in the world, which stand side by side with New York Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area and Tokyo Bay Area.

FVBA, with its natural flavor, has several decades of valuable experience in jewelry manufacturing. It is not only a tourist resort, but also a professional industrial park, and also a theme cultural experience park. The presence of MIC Contest Culture and Art Center undoubtedly injects new vitality into this small town.

MIC Contest joins hands with FVBA, to optimize the industrial process and make full use of resources through the integration of intra-industry resources, cross-border resources of fashion industry and international resources, so as to create a new ecological circle of jewelry industry with complete set, international competitiveness and sustainable development, and provide a more superior enabling platform for jewelry industry practitioners.

The MIC Cultural and Art Center aims at displaying and disseminating the value and culture of the contest. As a permanent exhibition hall, the outstanding award-winning works of the MIC Contest will be displayed in the Cultural Center, so that more people can understand the integration of fashion and jewelry, so that the concept of "design without boundaries" can be widely disseminated, so as to make our excellent new designers. Let the excellent and cutting-edge designers and their works enter the public eyes.

The MIC Cultural and Art Center will also hold international exchange forums, art lectures and designer salons from time to time to promote international art exchanges. Listen to different voices at home and abroad, collide with different ideas in China and the West, in order to face the development of the industry with a more open and inclusive eye, and enrich the competition culture.

The MIC Cultural and Art Center will be a creative gathering place for young designers, well-known enterprises and authoritative artists, providing them with a platform for face-to-face exchanges and creating unlimited possibilities for opportunities.