Masters In Creativity International Jewelry Design Contest is sponsored by Masters In Creativity International Association(MIC Association for short), and co-sponsored by KoMASK(Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts).MIC Association is a nonprofit organization founded in Antwerp,Belgium,whose membership consists of the prestigious artists,influential critics and media spokesman,and foremost designers. 

As the co-host of the MIC Contest, KoMASK( Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts)was founded in 1788, which has developed into a European royal organization for the support and promotion of art, in collaboration with 16 European royal art academies.

Masters In Creativity International Jewelry Design Contest was created to identify excellence in jewelry and fashion creative and support the training of creative design talents . MIC Contest, positioned as a trend leader to promote innovative development of jewelry industry, takes the lead in integrating international high-quality resources with a global perspective and macro-Industrial structure. The contest adopts a brand new way to set the criteria of selection with focus on creativity and innovation in order to inspire the enthusiasm of all designers and build a broad platform to show participants and potential for value creating.

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MIC Contest Planner / Art Adviser / General judge
Jennie Baeten MIC Contest Planner
Art Historian
Senior International Jewelry Design Competition Planner
Bart'd Eyckermans MIC General Art Adviser
President at Komask(Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts)
KASKA-DKO (Royal Academy of fine arts of the Flemish Community) – Director
Laurent-Max De Cock MIC General judge
International Jewelry Designer
The Former Professor of Jewelry Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp
MIC Contest Supervisor/Contest International PR Officer

Ludo Vancampenhout MIC Contest International PR Officer
The deputy mayor of Antwerp,Belgium
Jiang Jun MIC Association Secretary-general
Senior international business consultant
International Jury
Cynthia Livingston Bravado Design
Bravado Design Chairman of the Board of Directors
Herman Hermsen Independent Designer of Jewelry and Products
Professor for Product and Jewelry Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Dusseldorf Germany
Joanna Hardy Independent Fine Jewellery Specialist
Senior Curator of Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition
David Brough Co-Founder and Editor of Digital Magazine Jewellery Outlook
Donald Barry Woodrow The Worlds Leading Specialist in Diamond Photography
Henry Wong Managing Director-Greater China Swarovski Gemstones Business
Ramon Puig Cuays Former Head of Jewellery Department, Massana School, Barcelona
Wang Lixin World Gold Council Managing Director of China
Norman Cherry Former Pro Vice Chancellor for Arts at the University of Lincoln, UK
Independent Artist, Curator, and Consultant
Lucia Massei Co-founder and Director of “ALCHIMIA” Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence
Andrea Buccellati World Gold Council Managing BUCCELLATI Chairman
Lin Ying International Aesthetic Exhibition Curator
Head of Shanghai Fashion Week Taiwan Design Museum
Veerle Van Wilder Professor of Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel
Antonio Facchinelli Jewelry Industry Professional
Former PGI Design Director of China
Daniel Struyf Founder and Owner of STRUYF SA
Senior International Jewellery Specialist
Wu Fenghua Brand Founder and Creative Director of TTF Haute Joaillerie
Akio SEKI Art Historian
Chief curator of Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
Sun Jie National Distinguished Expert
Professor at College of Design and Innovation, TONGJI University,The Deputy Head of Academic Committee at Tongji University
Bogki MIN Professor of design at Seoul national university
Famous jewelry designer and researcher in Korea
Winner Designs

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